Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Give the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

his was an amazing small testimony. I love the small one's. It shoe\ws that God cares.
First, always be totally honest with your testimony if you weren't all that of a mighty man of faith or gave up several times or got offended or what ever maybe you actually didn't doubt. tell it like it happened. so often when we go through things we have ups and downs of all kinds. then we give the testimony and you would think to hear  the testimony that they were the superman or woman of faith. I just believed god and he answered my prayer. when that wasn't what happened. be real because That realness WILL HELP SOMEONE WHO IS GOING THROUGH IT.

So let me put my money where my mouth is.

Today is January 20th.

      Last night I had spent several hours of fun and intrigue going after understanding the blessings of God. I was being taken on a journey that was amazing.  Then my daughter wanted to have her bible back. I had given my bible away again several months back to a guy that was searching to serve god but didn't know where or how to start. Naturally you start with the Word of God.
    MY daughter had asked to have her bible. and reminded me that it was really hers. I had been borrowing it for a little while. It was heavier than I liked and bulky but it worked. I had to admit although I don't believe I was offended I was crest fallen. I enjoyed having it to look through. My daughter told me that it was both of ours and even wrote mo mo and dad in a heart. I said no it's yours. I also had a bible study tool on my tablet so I went back to that.

         Wake up on the 20th
    I am going to the library and decide to stop at des, and take some cans it to be recycled. also I took in two radiators. I was trying to figure out how I was going to get some money to get a bible. I had several ideas that I won't go into.
      While i was driving to take the cans and two radiators, The Lord spoke to me that He would put a brand new bible into my hand. I was excited and a little doubtful all at the same time.
   I discover that the computer is broken at the recycle place. I wind up getting a 30 pay out on 3 pounds of  cans and two radiators. I was amazed!!!!!!
      I should  go like quickly before they figured it out I thought.
I went to the christian book store and found a $35 bible on sale for $26 I then got it for 35% more off. I paid $17.54 for a 35 dollar bible
The crazy part was as I walked in the door I thought to myself, "I would love it if it were 50% off.


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