Friday, February 27, 2015

I have been watching a lot of this guy graham cooke. i've had things in my heart just jump
here is the thing.
if someone says something and something in your heart cries yes!!!!!! then God is giving you the same. it's as much yours as it was the person you heard it from. the spririt is in you as well!
I just learned this as well,
If you are in Christ then so are your circumstances.all of heaven is attracted to Jesus in you so you are a magnet for majesty! you are a magnet for goodness.
spiritual warfare is not a big deal in heaven.
The biggest part of your warfare is learning to worship.
what if the devil was raised up to serve the purposes of God and nothing has changed. Spiritual warfare is the art of using the desires of the enemy to serve the purposes of the kingdom.
what if you as a citizen of heaven can only be affected by the kingdom of heaven and not the world around you. wouldn't that mean that we are giving life to a mirage? what if you can't be challenged by the enemy but only be challenged by Goodness.